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400mm x 400mm


An original artwork, hand-painted in reverse onto glass with acid etching, 23ct gold, and enamels. Framed in either a black or white, solid wood grain frame.

These Lucky Star Clusters are derived from the ornamental flourishes in my work, which often include a five pointed star. These are XL versions of the original lucky star collection back in 2020.

With this special release, you are able to fully customise the colour-way of your preference. The prominent colour being the background, this will be the overall main theme of your piece. The secondary colour of your choice is for the outlines, the tint to the smaller stars, and the centre convex circle in the middle of the main star. Please see examples in the product images.

If you need any assistance in choosing your colours, please feel free to email me, and I can help you choose.

These are made to order, and will be completed over two weeks.

Background colour

Black, White, Orange, Vermillion, Red, Maroon, Coral, Violet, Magenta, Pastel Pink, Purple, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Peacock Blue, Teal, Aqua, Egg Blue, Dark Green, Emerald Green, Pastel Green, Grey, Brown, Chamois, Tan

Outline/accent colour

Violet, Bright Green, Gold, Blue, Orange, Magenta, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Bright Yellow