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Limited edition silk screen print of 50

750mm x 530mm | 310gsm Southbank Smooth

A seven layer hand pulled silk screen print with letterpress debossing details, made from a magnesium plate. Each one hand finished with pastel pink dyed silver leaf. Signed, numbered and packaged in a bespoke tube designed by myself.


Inspired by the early 20th century lithographs and packaging labels, I wanted to achieve a detailed, quality print that resembled the craftsmanship of Victorian ephemera. The debossing details add a subtle touch of luxury, giving a nod to old cigar labels, only at a larger scale of 750mm rather than 75mm.

Only prints No. 1-25 are available (if you have missed out, please get in touch to enquire about No.’s 25-50)

The 1-25 will be sent out in purchase order ( 1/50 being the first )

Shipping worldwide!


Please note:

This is not a digital print. Each one has been made by hand and will therefore vary ever so slightly.

Refrain from ordering a frame until your print has arrived…each print has been trimmed by hand, so please allow measurements to be 1-2mm out.

photo credit to: Alasdair of Mansons Press