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'Labour Of Love' Embossed Print (Green)





Here we have my latest print release. Something that

has been in the works for many months and I'm very

happy to be going out with a BANG for 2023!


There are 3 colour variations in this edition -

BLUE/PINK/GREEN each one limited to 50 prints only.


Limited Edition foiled and embossed print

60cm x 60cm / 330gsm Somerset Enhanced Velvet watercolour paper / signed, numbered, logo embossed.


Each print has gone through the laborious and expensive process of using solid brass and magnesium dies to emboss each artwork to a very high standard. Each embellishment on the print requires a dedicated metal die and is achieved through harmonious registration and skill. The end result boasts gold foil, holographic foil and a deep emboss all over. This resembles the original 'Labour of Love' artworks remarkably, where the acid etched gilded glass is mimicked by the stippled emboss. Also, the stars have the holographic 'transparent oil' finish, which gives a nod to the original mother of pearl inlays.

Please note: Due to the processes and the techniques involved in making these prints, there may be subtle marks or veins on the gold foil. This is an expected occurrence and cannot be corrected due to the method of applying the foil using heat and 2 tonnes of pressure.

Order Time & Shipping

Orders will take 2 weeks to pack and process before scheduled for shipping. So please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your print if you are overseas. Also, bear in mind that overseas customers may have to pay an import duty fee on arrival.