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Eddy Bennett

Eddy Bennett is a contemporary artist currently residing in Brighton, U.K. Working predominantly with glass and gold, his work is praised for it’s intricate and ornamental aesthetic which incorporates traditional Victorian sign-writing and gilding techniques into modern art pieces. Inspired by antique ephemera and the lettering styles of the late 19th century, Eddy pairs pictorials and typography into a harmonious composition which evokes traditional advertising and the punchy pop art aesthetic. 


Eddy has gained an international following within the arts world by mastering the ability to paint the perfect line by hand. His original works are painted in reverse directly onto glass with absolute precision of execution. Layer by layer, the enamel paint he works with is applied freehand. These exacting brushstrokes are then combined with other natural materials, such as mother of pearl and 23 carat gold leaf, which combine to reveal highly technical typographic works. While his unique style updates ornamental Victorian aesthetics, the method of gold leaf application is wholly traditional; Eddy begins by making a gelatine solution (water size) which is then used to apply real gold to the glass, resulting in a mirror-like finish. Not only does he use expensive natural materials to create his pieces, but each artwork is highly labour intensive, taking weeks to complete.


Growing up in Southeast Cornwall—known to locals as the county’s “Forgotten Corner”—Eddy pursued his interest in the arts by commuting via ferry to Plymouth as a teen to study art and design. In 2009, he moved to London to study illustration at London Metropolitan University, where his keen eye for stylised typography and vintage ephemera began. Shortly after graduating in 2012, Eddy worked as a freelance illustrator. However, he soon discovered the art of sign-writing after reading an interview with Jeff Canham, an illustrator and graphic designer turned sign-painter, in Juxtapoz Magazine. 


Eddy then began working as a full-time, self-employed sign-writer in London, and built an extensive clientele in the fashion and lifestyle spaces. (Former clients include Adidas, Ennismore, and Red Wing Shoes.) In 2016, Eddy started to explore the expressive possibilities of gold leaf on glass. While this is a traditional technique for forming mirrored signage—known as “reverse-glass” gilding or sign-writing—Eddy found himself captivated by the potential for this process to be used in the creation of modern artworks.

This soon became his medium of choice, and he transitioned away from bespoke signage for clients into working with glass and gold in the creation of originals. Having now perfected his practice—though original artworks still involve hundreds of hours of painstaking labour—his work has gained international recognition. He has further expanded into prints, which incorporate the same attention to premium materials and precise made-by-hand execution. These prints are typically sold in limited editions or timed releases, where they frequently sell out. His work is sold worldwide privately or through contemporary art galleries such as Enter Gallery (Brighton), Electric Gallery (London), Chappell Gallery (Kent), and Startle Gallery (Norfolk). 

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