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'Everybody Loves The Sunshine'


Inspired by Eddy’s popular ‘Lucky Star Cluster’ artworks, he wanted to venture into a sunburst design, which would be embellished with the usual gilded star motif he often uses. The start of a new series perhaps, this artwork is a true reminder of the joy that spring and summer can bring to one’s well being.






This original artwork is the most complex and intricate piece that Eddy has created to date. Taking more than 400 hours to complete over a 6 month period, it is most certainly a statement piece that draws you in for a closer look at the elaborate details.

Starting from a flat piece of glass measuring 910mm, it was firstly acid etched to create an embossed texture into the glass. Secondly, it was slumped in a kiln for 14 hours to form a beautiful convex profile, almost repolicating a contact lense, just on a huge scale! The piece was then brilliant cut on a stone wheel, gilded with 23ct/12ct/18ct gold in various complexions, hand-painted with enamels, inlaid with mother of pearl, and mounted in a bespoke frame with brass rivets.

Order Time & Shipping

Before purchasing, please contact for an accurate shipping quote if outside of the UK. 📦

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