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‘Pure Paradise’ (Blue)




Old ephemera, packaging and advertising art has always been a fascination of mine. I strive to use traditional techniques and methods to bring you an authentic artwork that would have been made the same way 100’s of years ago. Early advertising posters were made using the letterpress technique, and most printers had the use of similar printing blocks to ‘jazz’ up a poster to catch your eye. Five pointed stars was one of them, and something that was used time and time again through the centuries. Some of my favourites from my personal collection are the old British wrestling posters, which portray punchy titles and stars decorating every border and paragraph. These have been just one of many inspirations behind this piece.


Blue – 750mm X 250mm
Edition of 69 – signed, numbered and embossed by the artist.
Printed onto 270GSM Mohawk smooth.


This limited edition print has been made using a traditional letterpress technique. Comprising of eight separate bespoke wood blocks, each of which are passed through the press to build up each coloured layer. The process means that subtle impressions of the wood grain are visible on the print, which emphasises a beautiful hand-made and tactile finish. Each one is then finished by hand with gold powder.

Please note that each print varies slightly due to the nature of letterpress printing. Each print has been thoroughly checked, however small marks or ink blotches is something that may be visible. This is not a defect of the print, purely just a natural occurrence of the technique used – Just a little sign that they are handmade and not digitally printed!

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